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Future Aluminium Forum 2019

Following on from the success of the inaugural Future Aluminium Forum, the Organiser's, Quartz Business Media are pleased to announce that the event will be moving to Poland.

This international technology conference will draw upon the unrivalled expertise of aluminium industry professionals, production technologists and academics, to create an event designed specifically for those seeking a greater understanding of ‘smart manufacturing’.

Delegates can expect ground-breaking papers on Industry 4.0 and associated ‘disruptive’ technologies that are affecting industry generally and aluminium production in particular.

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Future Aluminium Forum, a resounding success!

The first edition of the Future Aluminium Forum took place in Milan, Italy on 8th & 9th May.

Organised by Quartz Business Media, the event was held in association with Aluminium International Today and consisted of a two-day conference and table top exhibition.

More than 150 delegates from across the globe gathered to hear from technical experts and uncover the myths behind Industry 4.0 and what this means for the manufacturing value chain.

It was a great couple of days and hopefully the industry is now poised to enter the exciting world of digital manufacturing - we all have to work together to make it happen!

Keep following for a full review of the event and more information on how best to integrate smarter technologies for a streamlined value chain.

Aluminium International Today is proud to support the industry on this journey and grateful to all who joined us for this first event.

Official Event Photos

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"On May 8 and 9th 2018, I had the pleasure to attend the Future Aluminium Forum held in Milan, Italy which was organized and sponsored by Aluminium International relating to Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 represents a major challenge and development in the way industries conduct their businesses.

An excellent conference providing the opportunity to network within a group of aluminium professionals

It was a great opportunity to network and share experiences with people who have same objective but also alternative viewpoints.

An engaging, informative and busy two days, all delivered in an inclusive and informal fashion.

Congratulations to the organizers for a job well done".

- Anthony Tropeano, President & CEO, TT Consulting Inc.

"Future Aluminium Forum provided some great networking opportunities and had a variety of interesting presentations. I'd definitely recommend this event to others."

- Raffael Fuertes, SVP Strategy & Innovation, Hydro

"This event had modern, energetic topics being covered with an enthusiastic style of organisation. I'd highly rate Future Aluminium Forum".

- Diwakhar Gautum, CEO, Sunberg

"Future Aluminium Forum provided me with a perfect opportunity to see who is doing what in the industry. It has helped me generate new ideas and as a supplier of technology, it is important to be updated on issues such as Industry 4.0".

- Jean Francois Desmeules, VP Technologies & R&D, Dynamic Concept

"The theme of Industry 4.0 is extremely relevant at the moment. The attendees of Future Aluminium Forum were of a high quality and the networking dinner provided a great opportunity for me to get to know the other attendees".

- Arild Hakonsen, Head of Technology, Hycast AS

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