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Tor Arne Litlere

General Manager at HMR Hydeq AS

HMR Group of seven companies has been a partner and solution provider for the international aluminium industry for over 60 years. The core business has been developed in Norway, following the growth of the importance of processing industry in this country. HMR is now an international holding with many referrals around the world.

Among the products there are:

· Special Vehicles, Mobile and Stationery Equipment (Tapping, Anode Changing, Furnace Tending, Feeders, etc.);

· Fleet Maintenance and Stocking of Spare Parts;

· Automated Stud Repair Lines;

· Complete Potroom Installations;

· Anode Rod & Yokes Assemblies;

· Cathode Collector Bars;

· Anode Stud Bars;

· Engineering and Project Management, etc.

Our flag product is a Complete Closed Tapping System, which consist of Tapping Vehicle, Crucible Cleaner, Tube Cleaner and Preheater for the discharging tubes. This system is designed and continuously improved by HMR Hydeq AS, together with the operators and industrial health services.

HMR Hydeq is a special purpose vehicles designing and manufacturing company, situated in Årdal, Norway, with customers all over the world. There are about 90 employees in the company, including an engineering department, which takes care about own technology development. HMR Hydeq originates from department of Hydro Aluminium and it is today a part of the HMR Group.

With tapping vehicles from HMR Hydeq one person can tap, weigh, transport, de-dross and discharge the molten aluminium in a safe and efficient way. For example one vehicle with a capacity of 8.5 ton can move 250 tons of liquid metal in 24 hours. No splashing, no overloading, no metal loss, one machine and one operator only.

As the industry is moving towards Industry 4.0 with focus on efficiency, traceability and ultimately autonomy, our vehicles are continuously developed with this in mind. A high HSE and safety profile in the vehicles are mandatory.

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