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Conference Programme

View the Future Aluminium Forum conference programme below.

Please note, this is subject to change at the organiser's discretion

Tuesday 8 May 2018

08:30: Welcome to the Future Aluminium Forum
Nadine Bloxsome, Editor, Aluminium International Today

08:35: Opening Welcome
Dr Mauro Cibaldi, President, CentroAl

08:45: Keynote: From Automating Knowledge to Doing the Impossible: Five Top Use Cases for the Aluminium Industry to go Digital
Stefan Koch, Global Lead for Metals, SAP SE

Session One - The Digital Revolution: Chair - Manish Chawla, General Manager, Global Industrial Products, IBM

"The Cognitive Enterprise: Leveraging AI and Blockchain to Drive Productivity, Scale Expertise and Transform Material Science in the Aluminium Industry"
Manish Chawla, General Manager, Global Industrial Products, IBM 

The Origins of the Industry 4.0 Concept
Dr Mario Gibertoni, Lecturer, Gruppo Studio Base

Implementing Industry 4.0
Dan Miller, Senior Process Consultant, Innoval Technology Ltd

Guided Maintenance with HoloLens
Mark Breeden, Senior Account Manager, HSO

10:30: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

Session Two - Industry 4.0 in Aluminium Manufacturing: Status, Strategy and Capabilities. Chair - Marcos Ierides, Innovation Consultant, Bax & Company

Combining Physically Based Models and Artificial Intelligence in Future Production of Aluminium Extrusions
Hans Erik Vatne, Chief Technology Officer,
 Norsk Hydro

Dedicated Data Warehouse Solution for Rolling Mills
Hans Peintinger, General Manager, QuinLogic GmbH

A Big Data Platform for Industrial Cloud Applications
Roger Feist, Digitalisation, Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG

Accelerating the Application of Material and Manufacturing Innovations Through Open Challenges
Marcos Ierides, Innovation Consultant, Bax & Company

Session Three - Plant Security and Safety: Chair - Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security Management at the Centre of Business in Society of Coventry University (UK)

Managing the Cyber Security Risks in Advanced Manufacturing
Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security Management at the Centre of Business in Society of Coventry University (UK)

Trend of Automation and Data Exchange in Manufacturing Technologies
Mary Connie, Coltraco Ultrasonics

13.15: Lunch and Exhibition Time

Session Four - The Smelter of the Future & Panel discussion. Chair - Mark Dorreen, Vice President - Technical, Energia Potior

Towards a 4.0 in the Process Industry landscape: The Smelter of the Future
Claude H. Vanvoren, President, AVTAL Association

The Karmøy Technology Pilot – Industry 4.0 from words to implementation
Hans-Erik Vatne, Chief Technology Officer, Hydro

Aluminium Smelting in the Age of Renewable Energy and the Internet of Things
Geoff Matthews, Vice President, Energia Potior

Primary Aluminium Production Industry 4.0 Integrated Automation
Maarten Meijer, President, GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH

16:00: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

Session Five - Key Market Opportunities. Chair - Claude Vanvoren, President, AVTAL Association

CP Smart Solutions - The Innovation Journey
Ingmar Holst, Territory Sales Manager, Claudius Peters

Smart Aluminium Temperature Sensors for Industry 4.0
Fiona Turner, Ametek Land

DANIELI DIGI&MET - Adding Value to Aluminium
Francesco Cuzzola, Director, Flat Products, Danieli Automation

What Industry 4.0 means for Aluminium Smelters and Aluminium Extrusion
Davide Brancaleoni, Packaging Segment Leader - EMEA, Rockwell Automation
Roberto Motta, Business Development Lead NSS, Rockwell Automation

18:00: Conference close

Wednesday 9 May 2018

09:00: Introducing the Future Aluminium Forum
Nadine Bloxsome, Editor, Aluminium International Today

Session Six - Sustainable Technology: How is the Latest Technology Aiding the Move Towards a Greener Aluminium Industry?
Chair - Jerome Lucaes, Marketing & Sustainability Director, UC Rusal

About the emergence of a Low CO2 Aluminium Market
Jerome Lucaes, Marketing & Sustainability Director, UC Rusal

20% higher aluminium recovery using PyroGenesis' on-site & salt-free process, DROSRITE™
David D'Aoust, Sales Manager, PyroGenesis Canada

Tracking Sustainable Aluminium
Dr Melanie Williams, Sustainability Consultant

Smart Recycling and the Circular Economy
Dr Gino Schiona, General Manager, CiAl

Session Seven - Striking a Balance with Automation and Productivity. Chair: Dan Miller, Senior Process Consultant, Innoval Technology

The Smart Furnace: Boosting performance and predictive maintenance through Industry 4.0
Alain Campo, 4.0 Engineering Manager, GHI Hornos Industriales, S.L

In-situ Chemical Specification Analysis with Automated Alloying and Homogenisation
Rob Morello, Altek

What does Industry 4.0 mean for aluminium extrusion? The role of integrated handling systems
Cristina Minari, Marketing Manager, DimaSimma

11:30: Coffee Break & Exhibition Time

The Innovation Hub: European Aluminium Panel Session; Chair - Nadine Bloxsome, Editor, Aluminium International Today

Founded in 2015, the European Aluminium Innovation Hub is a proactive community of innovative companies from across Europe’s aluminium value chain. The goal is to trigger research projects that advance a sustainable future and tackle technological challenges, thereby advancing the industry’s Sustainability Roadmap to 2025.

In this panel session, European Aluminium will analyse with key speakers respectively from the aluminium industry, the technology supplier industry and the research community how digitalisation can boost innovation and sustainability in the aluminium sector, especially through collaborative public-private funded projects and cross-sectoral approach.

Panellists include:

  • Hans-Erik Vatne, Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer - Norsk Hydro 
  • Serge Despinasse, Aluminium Technology and IT Director, Fives – Aluminium Division
  • Claudio Pastrone, Head of Pervasive Technologies Area, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB)
  • Christian Leroy, Manager Innovation Hub – European Aluminium

13:00: Lunch & Exhibition Time

Session Eight
Industry 4.0 and its Challenges: What Does the Future Look Like?
Chair - Geoff Matthews, Vice President, Energia Potior

How Industry 4.0 will Affect Potroom Operations/Improvements
Mark Dorreen, Vice President - Technical, Energia Potior

Role and Limitations of the Equipment Supplier in the Deployment of Industry 4.0 Strategies in Aluminium Production and Processing 
Pascal Côté, Director, Development and Innovation, STAS

Digitalisation of Heat Treatment Makes your Furnaces Talk to You!
Claudio H. Goldbach, Business Development, Termica

Aluminium & Digital: Path to the Future
Abhimanyu Prakash, Director, AlCircle.com

Session Nine - Smarter Manufacturing for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Aluminium Alloys for Additive Manufacturing
Riccardo Casati, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Data-Driven Industrial Modelling Of Future Wrought Aluminium Alloys
Dr. Varužan Kevorkijan, Managing Director, Impol

A Sophisticated Industry Tool Delivering Data for Aluminium Production 4.0
Alexander Schlemminger, Head of Sales, SECOPTA Analytics GmbH

Digitalisation of Aluminium Casting Process Improves Competitiveness Based on Real Time Monitoring and Quality Predictive Model
Nicola Gramegna, EnginSoft SpA

17:00: Conference close

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