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Conference Programme*

You can view the Future Aluminium Forum 2019 conference programme below.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Registration opens at 8am

08.30 Welcome Address
Nadine Bloxsome, Programme Director, Future Aluminium Forum

08.35 Polish Aluminium Industry Overview
Mikolaj Szeptycki, President, Poland Smelting Technologies (POLST)

Keynote Presentation

Accelerating the Journey to Industry 4.0 for Aluminium Enterprises
Manish Chawla, Global Industry MD, IBM

Shifting Demand. Global Trade Wars. New Sustainability Regulations. Increased Reliance on Recycling. Unprecedented Climate Events. You respond to these disruptors every day. It’s no longer a matter of “why” do I need to transform to Industry 4.0? Aluminium leaders are now asking… How do I transform? Where do I start? What can I do to achieve results faster?

In this session, IBM’s Global Industrial Products GM and three Aluminium Leaders will share learnings from their transformation journeys. Each firm has deployed cognitive technologies (AI, IoT and Blockchain) to transform the most relevant areas of their business. They’ll share leadership lessons on:

· Driving transformation across strategy, operations, culture and ecosystem partnerships.

· Improving data visibility across enterprise applications enables agile response to changing customer demand.

· Taking a real-time view of Production Operations enables prediction and rapid response to equipment downtime and supply chain disruptions.

· Innovating products with digital services raises customer value and strengthens loyalty.

Session One: Adopting Digital Initiatives

AI+AL: Optimising Aluminium Production with Machine Learning
Emeli Dral, Chief Data Scientist, Mechanica AI

Reveal Treasure with Digital Twins
Gunther Schober, Sales Manager, PSI Metals Non Ferrous GmbH

Bringing Autonomous Decision Making and Human-Machine Interaction to Core Processes: A Case Study involving AGVs and Mixed Traffic
Kevin Sipin, Director - Technology, Quantillion Technologies

10.30 Networking Coffee Break

Session Two: Towards a Smarter Supply Chain

Intelligent Running of your Smart Assets
Stefan Koch, Global Leads for Metals, SAP SE & Markus Krabel, Business Solution Director, Industrial Machinery, SAP SE

Upstream and Downstream Digitisation
Marc Gillis, Metals & Mining Industry Manager, Rockwell Automation

Towards a Digital and Real-time Supply Chain
Simon Sebergsen, Head of Sales & Marketing, Klaveness Digital

Selecting and Substituting Materials in the Digital Age
Melissa Albeck, CEO, Matmatch GmbH

Session Three: Industry 4.0 in Action

Using Industry 4.0 to Reduce Potroom Emissions
Dr Mark Dorreen, Vice President - Technical, Energia Potior

Using Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Augmented Reality in an Industrial Environment
Remco Dumortier,
Business Development Manager, Aluro

Robotisation in the Smelter: Challenges, Solutions and Possibilities
Jean-Francois Desmeules, Vice President, Technologies & R&D, Dynamic Concept

13.15 Lunch Networking Break

Session Four: ICSOBA Collaborative Session

When Process Approach Meets a Data-driven Approach in Mining, Refining and Smelting

Digital Transformation Applied to Bauxite and Alumina Business System - BABS 4.0
Israel Oliveira Rocha, Quality Specialist, Hydro Paragominas

Benefits of Digital Project Delivery: From Improved Project Execution to Optimised Operations
Carlo Cristofari, Managing Director Technical Services, Hatch

Pretium Plant Optimiser Application
Michael Missalla, VP New Business Opportunities, Outotec

Aluminium Industry Digitalisation: An Example of Digital Solution Bringing the User and Supplier Organisations Closer
Serge Despinasse, Aluminium Technology & IT Director, Fives Group

15.30 Coffee Break & Exhibition Time

16.00 ICSOBA Collaborative Session Continued

Use of Digital Twins in Optimisation of Aluminium Production
Hans Erik Vatne, Chief Technology Officer, Hydro

Digital Twin in Smelters
Ioannis Karnachoritis, Potlines Manager, Aluminium of Greece
Laith Al-Hindawi, Global Sales Manager, Digital Smelter, GE Power

EGA Road Map for Industry 4.0
Abdalla Alzarooni, VP Technology Development and Transfer, Emirates Global Aluminium

Aluminium Smelter Process Optimisation Through the European Monsoon Project
André Augé
, Senior Data Scientist, Rio Tinto

Discussion Panel

Conference Close

Networking Dinner hosted by Quartz Business Media

Thursday 23 May 2019

Registration opens at 8am

8.30 Case Study: Applying Digitalisation to Processes at RUSAL’S Aluminium Smelters

Viktor Buzunov, Director, Al Technology and Technical Implementation

Session Five: Key Topic - Electricity: At What Cost?

The Future of the Electricity Generation
Geoff Matthews, Vice President, Energia Potior

Session Six: Driving Data

Harnessing the Power of Accumulated Data for Rule Based Continuous Quality Monitoring
Helga Evers, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, QuinLogic GmbH & Hans Peintinger, General Manager, QuinLogic GmbH

Through-Process Optimisation (TPO), an integrated Solution for Aluminium Production with Best Quality and Highest Productivity at Lowest Cost
Wolfgang Oberaigner, Head of Through-Process Quality Control, Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH

Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant and Machine Learning in the Aluminium Sector, Hassle Free and Easy to Implement: A Case Example
Mart Althuizen, Data Scientist, Bright Cape

10.30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

European Aluminium - Innovation Hub Session: Digitalisation and Automation for Circularity

Founded in 2015, the European Aluminium Innovation Hub is a proactive community of innovative companies from across Europe’s aluminium value chain. The goal is to trigger research projects that advance a sustainable future and tackle technological challenges, thereby advancing the industry’s Sustainability Roadmap to 2025. The panel will highlight how digitalisation, automation and advanced sensors-based technologies enable smarter recycling for full aluminium circularity.

Speakers include:

  • Hans Erik Vatne, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Norsk Hydro
  • David Bastin, University of Liège, Laboratory of Minerals Engineering and Recycling
  • Gregory Lewis, R&D engineer, Comet treatment
  • Magdalena Garczyńska, Recycling Director, European Aluminium

Moderator: Christian Leroy, Manager Innovation Hub – European Aluminium


Cyber Security Workshop: Achieving Cyber Resilience

The Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats for the Aluminium Sector
Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security Management, Centre of Business in Society of Coventry University

12.30 Lunch Networking Break

Session Seven: Research & Development Models

Aluminium Rolling Prediction Models Optimisation by Large Quasi-real-time Database Process Exploration
Francesco Cuzzola, Director Danieli Automation, Flat Products & Dan Miller, Senior Process Consultant, Innoval Technology

The Initial Steps on the Road to Digitalisation of Impol
Dr Varužan Kevorkijan, Managing Director, Impol Group

Materials and Process Technologies for the Lightweight Vehicles of Tomorrow - Latest Developments from the ALLIANCE Project
Marcos Ierides, Innovation Consultant, Bax & Co

Clever Searching Via Shape Recognition
Joep Timmermans, Area Sales Manager, mamoko technologies


Blockchain Buzz

Circularity and Sustainability Leveraging Blockchain
Jad Oseyran, Lead, Circular Economy Centre of Competency, IBM
Sai Yadati, Partner and Blockchain Leader, Global Industrial Products Industry, IBM

15.15 Coffee Break & Exhibition Time

Session Eight: Furnaces of the Future

Enhancing Efficiency in Aluminium Tilt Rotary Furnaces using Data-Driven Control Strategies
Dr Martin Lawrence, Combustion Development Specialist, Air Products

The Power of i4.0 on Heat Treatment
Claudio Goldbach, Business Development, Termica

Existing Technology to Optimise Performance of the equipment and Improve Working Processes
Surya Romero, International Business Developer, GHI Hornos

Aluminium Processing Furnaces 4.0
Sławomir Wachowski, Director of Automation Department, Seco Warwick

Final Focus: The Future of Forging

John McBain, Chief of Forging, AFRC


Final Comments

By Nadine Bloxsome, Programme Director

Conference Close

*Programme subject to change

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