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What’s Next for Industry 4.0?

During COVID-19, many within the aluminium sector embraced plans for robotic automation programs to ensure factory employees were kept at safe distances, while integrating remote working and assisted technologies. Smart factory tools like remote monitoring and predictive maintenance played a crucial role while plants ran on skeleton staff and supply chains were interrupted.

For those organisations not yet accelerating plans for Industry 4.0, is it now a case of act fast and catch up?

Find answers to these questions and many more at this year's Future Aluminium Forum.

1st December, Day One

9am: Welcome by Nadine Bloxsome

9.05am: Digital Solutions for Aluminium Battery Industry - Status Quo and Future Concepts

  • André Barten, President & CEO, Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG

9.30am: AI Based Smelter Debottlenecking with the Hatch Optimizer


11am: Industry 4.0 Was Always Supposed to be About People

  • Johann Reps, Global Technology Manager for Digital Innovation, Connected Worker, and Automation, Alcoa

11.30am: Fives’ Digital Solutions: From Promise to Reality


2pm: Digital Experiences in Hydro

  • Hans Erik, Chief Technology Officer and Interim Head of Battery Technology, Norsk Hydro

2.30pm: How to Make Sure Your Digital Transformation Journey is a Success

3pm - 4pm: NETWORKING

End of Day One

10.30am: NETWORKING10.30am: NETWORKING2nd December, Day 2

9am: How Digital Can Help the Metals Industry with its Sustainability Issues

  • Juliana Bruwer, Solution Management and Sustainability Expert, Mill Products and Mining Industry Business Unit, SAP

9.30am: Dynamic Control for Carbon Neutral Industries

10am: The Casthouse of the Future: Eliminating Dross From Entering Landfill and the Electrification of Industrial Heating


11am: Implementing AGVs with Quantillion’s Traffic Management System: Automated Anode Transport

11.30am: Significantly Improving Your Operational Efficiency is Easier Than You Think

12 noon: Predicting the Future is a Matter of Trust

12.30pm: Asset Performance Management for Metals

  • 10.30am: Steffen Zendler, Heavy Industry Strategy & Marketing Manager in EMEA, Rockwell Automation


End of Day Two

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