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DimaSimma, has been active for more than 40 years in the warehouse and handling field.

Since the end of the 1960's DimaSimma has been continuously developing and innovating the automation of industrial processes and in cooperation with customers, elaborating fully automatic customer-tailored solution and so Dima’s product portfolio includes innovative products.

Our mission is provide our customer with innovative solutions for integrated logistic systems for a range of needs: long products, dies, coils, sheets, plate and  pallets, bins...

The advantages of integrated logistics throughout a factory to improve the competitiveness of aluminium Rolling Mill, Smelter, Extruders, profile distributors and manufactures. Because cost for raw material are more or less the same for everyone, therefore  the only area available to intervene in order to obtain cost reductions and improve services remains the logistic, handling and storage.  Frequently several cost eludes the control because are sunken cost; by logistic system is possible to create a competitive advantage.

A logistic system, with an automated warehouse and a peripheral handling system or integrated with AGV -LGV, with AUTOMATIC CRANE can coordinate the different phases of the production process for any establishment.

In this way it is possible to trace the different items to maximise output of all production and treatment areas thanks to the constant monitoring by the automation and software interfaced with each production and treatment area, it is possible to reach a full automation.

The main results: reduction cost, more safety, more efficiency and best client service.

DimaSimma the brand of Integrated Intralogistic Handling System. 

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Phone: +39(0)59930270
Email: info@dimasimma.com
Website: https://www.dimasimma.com/en/

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