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EPIQ Machinery


Company Profile

EPIQ Machinery

At EPIQ Machinery we blur the lines between being a technology company and a heavy machinery manufacturer, by continuously integrating new technologies into our equipment.  We strive to be an industry leader and world class equipment designer invested with the mission to manufacture innovative and effective solutions for the global heavy equipment, vehicles and material handling systems market

Our newly formed company known as EPIQ Machinery, by Mecfor, the Saguenay-based North American leader in specialized mobile equipment for the aluminum and rail industries, and Saint-Bruno-based Advanced Dynamics, a premier manufacturer of heavy-duty material handling equipment for the primary and secondary aluminum industries and the pulp and paper industry, have fully merged their operations. 

Our two companies with shared values and complementary expertise, have merged to seize a unique opportunity to make EPIQ Machinery a North American leader in mobile and heavy equipment for the aluminum, pulp and paper, and rail equipment industries. EPIQ Machinery now has the critical mass needed to accelerate international growth by focusing on innovation in addition to making investments and acquisitions. Diversification through its three lines of business will enable EPIQ Machinery to mitigate risks and ensure medium- and long-term business continuity.

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EPIQ Machinery

Email: info@epiqmachinery.com
Website: www.epiqmachinery.com

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