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Fontes Refractories


Company Profile

Fontes Refractories

FONTES REFRACTORIES is a company specialized in the manufacture of refractory products for industrial sectors, and particularly for the primary aluminium industry

Located in the South-West of France, Fontes Refractories is the only french company to produce Ordinary Refractory Bricks with High Quartz content : BRO HQB.

Indeed, thanks to specific natural raw materials extracted from its own quarry, Fontes’ BRO HQB bricks have very interesting physicochemical properties, such as an intrinsic resistance to corrosion by cryolite and liquid aluminium. Thanks to these specific caracteristics, Fontes’ BRO HQB bricks are high-end products for electrolysis cells linings in primary aluminium sector.

Over the years, Fontes Refractories products showed their really good qualities in electrolysis cells linings from Aluminium Pechiney (AP) technology. Fontes Refractories’ BRO HQB Bricks have been receiving AP accreditation for 25 years, and renowned by multiple aluminium producers worldwide.

FONTES REFRACTORIES is a key partner for its customers. This strong partnership is based on company’s value proposition : quality and availability of products, large range of available sizes, respect of delivery times, and high level of service like reactivity in case of short delay, with fully dedicated commercial staff.

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Website: https://www.fontes-refractories.com/fr

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