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GHI Smart Furnaces

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Company Profile

GHI Smart Furnaces

GHI Hornos Industriales S.L. (GHI) is an industrial engineering company dedicated to the supply of equipment for the fusion, heat treatment and heating of metals. We offer personalized comprehensive solutions that include industrial furnaces, turnkey plants, technical assistance, digitization and consulting services.

Founded in 1937, in Biscay (Basque Country), GHI has more than 80 years of experience in the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of industrial furnaces. As a family business, the ownership of the company is equally divided among the third generation of brothers. 
Our deep knowledge of product and process, the collaboration with worldwide leading furnace manufacturers, together with a great effort in the development of technology, allows us to manufacture high quality and robust equipment. This fact reaffirms us as a world reference in segments such as hot stamping, aluminum recycling, heat treatment and wheel manufacturing plants, among others.
GHI is formed by a team of 130 professionals, 41% of which have a superior technical education. In addition, we have a wide network of highly specialized suppliers in various sectors (metal casing and components, refractory material, electric material, etc) that add another 300 people at its service. That allows us to have flexibility to multiply our production capacity.
Our working method is characterized by the adaptation of the design based on the needs of each client. Subsequently, during the development of the project, we work closely with him in order to ensure the fulfillment of the agreed performance of the installation. All equipment is assembled and tested in GHI. The relationship continues throughout the useful life of the equipment through our after-sales services.

Contact Details

Phone: +34944491600
Email: aiportilla@ghihornos.com
Website: http://www.ghihornos.com/

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