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GNA - Alutech

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GNA - Alutech

Pot Room & Cast House Equipment and Process Innovations 

GNA specializes in the design and supply of equipment, technical services and operating strategies for the pot room and cast house in both primary and secondary aluminium industries. 

Our Cathode Sealing Systems are in operation world-wide and recognized as industry-leading designs.  Different pot room technologies are being processed in our systems on a daily basis and they include, AP, DX+, Mitsubishi, Montecatini, etc…  Our cathode sealing systems are supported by three decades of experience in designing, fabrication, testing and a continuous improvement program driven by Client needs.

For the cast house, we cover design and technical support services from scrap yard layout through all major process steps to get product to the shipping door.  GNA will assist you with raw material segregation, material flow and process management.  Furnace charging equipment, melting and holding furnaces, bath skimming and alloying, metal treatment, filtration and casting lines can all be integrated into an autonomous operation. 

Whether you are melting prime metal, clean or contaminated scrap, GNA can help you to improve metal quality and increase yield while improving energy efficiency and reducing melt losses, emissions and operating costs.

Our casting capabilities include technologies for slab, extrusion ingot (continuous and vertical) and foundry ingot.

Our heat treatment capabilities include homogenizing, annealing and more using fully integrated and automated production lines.

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