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KARGO is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of electric utility vehicles designed mainly for industrial, institutional and government use. His low speed vehicle (LSV) certification authorise the KARGO vehicle to circulate on public road under 50km/h.

The KARGO vehicle is made of aluminum, making it exceptionally light—one of the most important features of an electric vehicle, giving it greater autonomy. His rear section is modular, which allows it to be fully adapted to the tasks intended for and meet the needs of their operator. The KARGO vehicle is also equipped with magnetic field shielding in order to circulate in aluminium smelters without any problems. His turning radius is extremely small which allows it to circulate efficiently in tight spaces.

His mechanical and electrical simplicity gives it a very low maintenance costs with proven reliability. KARGO vehicle can come with one or two battery pack, depending of daily use of the operator. No specific charging station is required because the vehicle is equipped with an on-board charger and can be plug into a conventional electric socket.

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