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Klaveness Digital


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Klaveness Digital

QuinLogic is one of the most innovative German ‘Industry 4.0′ companies. To enable industrial mass production and at the same time highest flexibility, QuinLogic developed software products by applying latest generation of computing power and storage capabilities. Based on this technical evolution, QuinLogic provides an “easy to use” quality assurance solution for rolling mills.

The QuinLogic Software secures reliable quality for the challenging markets e.g. for automotive-, airplanes-, wind energy-, high strength- and wear resistant material grades. And it also provides proactive support, to immediately address production problems and therefore minimize deficiencies in customer products. Its seamless communication interfaces to existing MES, ERP and gauging systems allows fully integrated systems in all existing but also new production lines.

Our focus is on key value drivers: improving revenues (upgrades, reassigns) reducing cost (material, energy, labor), increasing yield (uptime, throughput, quality).

Combining our experience with the digital assistance we provide solutions that make more out of our customers quality and process data!

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Website: www.klavenessdigital.com

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