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Introducing a brand new experience for the materials industry

Matmatch is a materials search platform that connects engineers and material suppliers through the most comprehensive materials database in the world. We are a multicultural team of smart and curious individuals, with a diverse mix of experience across materials science, startups, and enterprise businesses.

We want to inspire people to build better products by changing the way the world discovers and uses materials.

We connect engineers, product designers and procurement teams with the best materials and suppliers for their job.

"Coming from a traditional manufacturing company, I know the challenges facing both suppliers and buyers when it comes to sourcing the right materials. People are now primarily obtaining their materials information online and we want to make sure that information is truly reliable. By combining this with making the process of connecting materials suppliers and buyers so much easier, we’re seeing huge interest and we know we’ve hit on something big," says Melissa Albeck, CEO, Matmatch GmbH.

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Email: ben.smye@matmatch.com
Website: https://matmatch.com/

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