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We design, develop, and manufacture remote-controlled electric tracked vehicles that allow the handling of heavy loads in stairs, confined spaces, and on all types of terrain. We believe in our ability to improve the lot of workers and organizations by offering innovative and customized solutions to many industrial sectors, including aluminum smelters. 

We are the only North American company that not only offers these types of solutions for industrial applications, but we are also the only company to provide small tracked electric vehicles for heavy-duty handling. Our remote-controlled electric vehicles allow operators to limit health and safety risks during their handling operations, among other things. Our electric motors offer many environmental benefits by eliminating gas emissions, dust, and noise.

The main benefits of using our MINIDOZERS for aluminum smelters are improved health and safety of operators, low profile MINIDOZER cleaning and recovery operations in-tank basements or confined spaces, designed for extreme conditions and electromagnetic fields 300 gausses +, environmentally friendly electric vehicle, and operational costs reduced by 66% and more.

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403, avenue de la Montagne, Shawinigan (Québec) G9N 0A3 CANADA

Website: http://www.movexinnovation.com/en

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