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Nederman MikroPul


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Nederman MikroPul

This is Nederman MikroPul

Nederman MikroPul´s promise - to protect people, production and our planet from the harmful effects of industrial processes -  is a unique declaration of our ambition to always stand alongside our customers as they take new steps towards tomorrow´s production solutions.

Nederman MikroPul is a world leading manufacturer of environmental technology products. We filter, clean and recycle for eco-efficient production in demanding industrial environments.

For more than 75 years Nederman MikroPul has developed, manufactured and installed products and solutions to reduce environmental impact and improve working conditions in heavy process industries such as metal fabrication, foundries, asphalt and mineral processing, chemical industry, and many more. Application knowledge and attention to detail has elevated Nederman MikroPul as an engineering and fabrication leader in the area of air pollution control. The energy saving filter technology FS is manufactured in Friesenheim (Germany), Marki (Poland) and Suzhou (China).

Nederman MikroPul operates on a global scale and offers a wide range of solutions and services. Our products and systems have brought about groundbreaking improvements in a number of industries. With unsurpassed capabilities and vast experience, nobody is more capable of solving air filtration needs for heavy process industries worldwide. 

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Website: https://www.nedermanmikropul.com/

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