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Company Profile


Pioneer in automizing industrial operations, Quantillion revolutionizes the way equipment and operators work together and the way workflows are optimized. We build innovative technology for the heavy industry that lets every worker, every machine, and every plant use data on a (near) real-time basis to continuously and autonomously improve safety, quality, output and at the same time reduce the ecological footprint.

Quantillion’s software solution allows to autonomize core operations by connecting all separate workflows and agents, both humans or machines. We ensure that precise control and full process management are available through one easy-to-use user interface, with a layer of business logic and artificial intelligence.

For the past 4 years, Quantillion has developed and deployed autonomous decision solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Robust Planning. Integrating it with our client’s business operations and IT, we create more profitable, more resilient and responsive operations.

Proud to be working with multiple equipment suppliers, we see ourselves as an the integration partner in an international industrial industry. Headquartered in Amsterdam, our highly skilled and passionate people make sure to drive industry forward and put their data to work!

Contact Details

Email: info@quantillion.io
Website: https://quantillion.io

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