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Reel Alesa LTD

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Reel Alesa LTD

REEL INTERNATIONAL, through its subsidiaries REEL ALESA, NKM NOELL SPECIAL CRANES and COH, provides customized solutions that address aluminium industry challenges and complexities for clients worldwide. Our end-to-end lifting and materials handling equipment and services accelerate process automation, maximize smelter performance and safeguard employee health and safety. We supply tailor-made equipment and solutions, such as Ship Unloaders, Alumina and Coke Handling Systems, Dense Phase Systems, Pot Tending Machines, Cathode Cranes, Transfer Gantry Systems, Anode Rodding Shops, Anode Handling Systems, Furnace Tending Assemblies, Anode Stacker Cranes, including modernization to inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment and rod repair activities.

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