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RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH


Company Profile

RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH

RIA Cast House Engineering, from Leipzig Germany, has supplied over 65 rail mounted precision Furnace Charging and Skimming Machines worldwide over the last 20 years, with numerous repeat references. RiA equipment is recognised as Sturdy, Durable and Reliable. Manual, Automatic and fully Autonomous Operation is possible on all RiA Machines, incorporating Machine Vision Intelligent cameras, to make decisions optimising Performance and increasing Operator Safety.

RiA Charging Machines can evenly distribute loads up to 30 tonnes across the furnace hearth in under 90 seconds. RiA Skimming Machines can also Mix and Stir the bath, as well as cleaning between charges and remove dross in shorter timeframes than traditional methods with fork trucks and with a more repeatable and consistent performance. Both Charging and Skimming can be completed without the need of Operator involvement.

Typical benefits from using RiA Machines:

  • Increased Melt Rates from deep penetration and even distribution of solids in the Furnace
  • Increased Productivity from shorter Furnace Cycles
  • Reduced Energy Consumption from shorter door opening times
  • Reduced Refractory damage leading to longer Refractory life and more Furnace uptime
  • Reduced vehicle movements in the Cast House meaning increased Operator Safety and reduced vehicle maintenance
  • Removal of Cast House Operators from Charging and Skimming operations, increasing Operator Safety


Contact Details

RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH | Walter-Köhn-Str. 6A | D-04356 Leipzig


Phone: +49 341 697 688 70
Email: info@ria-che.com
Website: https://www.ria-che.com/

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