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AJ CHARNAUD & Co. has, since its foundation in 1975, been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing personal protective clothing.

Through their commitment to innovation and a belief in a ‘head-to-foot’ approach to safety, CHARNAUD provides its clients with the best quality products that are certified to the strictest local and international quality standards.

The company’s tagline, "Your last line of defence", reinforces their commitment towards absolute safety.

One of CHARNAUD’s flagship brands, ALU- SAFE®, is an internationally certified, unique, high-performance work wear fabric and garment system; designed to protect workers against the hazards of molten aluminum and cryolite (reduction cell flux) splash in primary aluminum smelters and downstream operations.

In addition to its unique molten-metal shedding ability (aluminum and cryolite stick to all other known types of material), ALU-SAFE® is inherently flame resistant for the life of the garment.

The comfortable-to-wear natural-fiber ALU-SAFE® protective wear is water washable in industrial laundries.

Various other brands make up the complement of head-to-foot personal protective clothing and equipment that CHARNAUD offers to its customers.

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