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A.I for Primary Aluminium Smelting: Towards Responsive and Sustainable Operations by Smart Decision Systems

Thursday 3rd December 16:30 - 17:00

Primary Aluminium industry is moving towards an ever-increasing demand in the coming decades.

Subsequently, the industry bears its influence on the global trends of economy, energy and climate. On the other hand, advances in technology & innovation are expanding the horizons of the industry into an interconnected enterprise between highly skilled human expertise and most efficient technological solutions.

The Quantillion AI platform is designed to provide solutions to automate and optimise internal operations and logistics, to enable the aluminium smelters be digitally ready to take part in the future transformation.

A part of the platform consists of tools that seamlessly integrate all kinds of automated equipment and the plant itself into an environment with human experts. From capturing and digitising crucial data of the smelter equipment and processes to visualising the current state of the smelter at any given moment - the applications by Quantillion give a powerful and user-friendly interface to the human agents. Building on these crucial elements, the Quantillion AI Platform, as a centralised system, renders the otherwise independently operating machines as interconnected and responsive agents, even in the face of unprecedented events.

Furthermore, the platform offers an ability not only to emulate real life schedules and the performance of equipment, but also to simulate possibly efficient scenarios in terms of scheduling and operations of the equipment. Together with interconnected agents (humans and equipment) and the possibility to simulate future schedules and unexpected scenarios, human experts at the smelter are endowed with an indispensable smart decision system that can assist them, especially when the complexity of the involved parameters is too complex for humans to handle.

From the sequence in which processes are executed to a path which an automated guided vehicle takes spontaneously in case of an on-site accident - only when the internal operations are responsive and efficient, will each smelter be able to play a crucial role in this transformation of aluminium industry towards the most efficient and sustainable one. The Quantillion AI Platform, tailored to the specific needs of each smelter, is here especially to enable them take part in this transformation.

Speaker: Bhargav Teja Nallapu, Managing Learning Engineer at Quantillion Technologies

A.I for Primary Aluminium Smelting: Towards Responsive and Sustainable Operations by Smart Decision Systems

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