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AI+AL: Optimising Aluminium Production with Machine Learning

Wednesday 22nd May 09:15 - 09:35

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing is no longer a new topic, but practical adoption is still lagging behind. Based on her experience of developing and deploying AI-based solutions in aluminium and other metal industries, Emeli Dral, Chief Data Scientist of Mechanica AI, will discuss:

  • How machine learning can complement existing process control approaches based on domain knowledge
  • Which use cases are possible - from prediction of efficiency decrease for reduction cells to automated parameter control
  • Which lessons can be learned from early pilots and how to avoid typical mistakes with deploying AI-based solutions - from correct choice of business problems to integration in existing workflow

Speaker: Emeli Dral, Chief Data Scientist at Mechanica AI

AI+AL: Optimising Aluminium Production with Machine Learning

Emeli Dral leads the data science team at Mechanica AI. She is responsible for the development of core products and technologies for the application of artificial intelligence in industrial processes.
Prior to co-founding Mechanica AI, she served as the Chief Data Scientist at Yandex Data Factory. She led a team of accomplished data scientists and oversaw the development of machine learning solutions for various industries - from banking to manufacturing.

Emeli is a lecturer at the Yandex School of Data Analysis and Harbour.Space University, where she teaches courses on machine learning and data analysis tools. In addition, she is a co-author of the Machine Learning and Data Analysis curriculum at Coursera.

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