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AI Based Smelter Debottlenecking with the Hatch Optimizer

Wednesday 1st December 09:30 - 10:00

Recent market conditions are driving aluminium smelter operators to produce more metal. While production creep represents the lowest investment per tonne of additional metal, the mix of batch and continuous processes makes smelters extremely complicated systems within which to drive further volumes. Unpacking issues related to bottlenecks in the production chain is increasingly difficult due to the tightly integrated nature of the facilities. Hatch has identified multiple use cases where mathematical optimisation, simulation and digital twinning could improve smelter performance. We will share thoughts and insights on providing digital solutions to complex process and logistics problems thereby adding value to production and enabling facilities to exceed design capacity.

Speaker: Thessy Moodley, Regional Director – Digital, AEM at HATCH

AI Based Smelter Debottlenecking with the Hatch Optimizer

Speaker Biography:

Thessy brings 14+ years of post-qualification experience as a control and instrumentation engineer in various industries for local and international EPCMs and management consultancies. He has been involved in the design, engineering, optimisation, tuning and commissioning of industrial control, automation systems and instrumentation for projects in the pulp and paper, bulk materials handling, oil and gas and smelting industries He has augmented his technical expertise with the management and review of strategic contracts, cost savings initiatives, business strategy development, technology & digital strategy development and maturity assessments for the mining and metals industry. This has allowed him to home in on value creation through the application of technology and digitalisation.

Under his leadership, Hatch’s Digital team in the region executes industry 4.0 based projects in optimisation, advanced planning and scheduling, digital value chains, integrated operations and digital twins for the metals, energy and infrastructure sectors. Thessy holds a Master’s Degree in Control Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer with ECSA, and is a partner at Hatch.

Speaker: Daniel Richard, Subject Matter Expert – Aluminium Processing at HATCH

AI Based Smelter Debottlenecking with the Hatch Optimizer

Speaker Biography:

Daniel is an aluminium reduction technology specialist with more than 20 years of theoretical and practical experience of several aspects of the Hall-Héroult process and smelter operations ranging from process control of the cells to lining design. He is also a specialist in nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of multiphysics problems, particularly of aluminium reduction cells, which was the subject of his PhD thesis. His experience includes several feasibility studies for brownfield expansions and greenfield smelters, due diligence appraisal of aluminium smelters and reduction cell technologies, reduction technology selection studies, smelter debottlenecking, amperage creep, cell heat balance, and smelter operations support projects around the world. He was notably involved as a technical specialist in pot busbars emergency repairs, potline busbars forced cooling, potline electrical insulation replacement and upgrade, potline shutdown readiness, magnetic compensation loops, cell-to-cell and potroom-to-potroom bypass bridges, test sections and booster circuits. Daniel holds three patents and has authored or co-authored more than 20 technical papers. An Associate at Hatch, he is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for aluminium reduction in our Center of Excellence for Aluminium, and since late 2018, he also manages the Hatch Saguenay office.

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