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Aluminium Processing Furnaces 4.0

Thursday 23rd May 16:15 - 16:30

The paper will present and analyse the newest trends in Aluminium Processing Furnaces 4.0: augmented reality, algorithms supporting the decision-making process, predictive maintenance systems, remote repairs and training, and optimising plant energy consumption. These are just some of the benefits of implementing newest technological solutions in the aluminium process technologies like annealing, homogenisation, solution heat treatment or ageing.

Industry 4.0 answers to markets needs and creates a global process that will fundamentally transforms the competitive landscape and bring about fundamental changes in the aluminium sector. SECO/WARWICK has already developed systems utilising the latest technologies to provide intelligent support enabling aluminium manufacturers not only to compete in their markets, but also to gain an advantage thanks to time-saving cycle, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly solutions and high-quality products that aluminium manufacturers need.

The implementation of virtual technologies (such as augmented reality) into the production process and training will bring substantial benefits for aluminium industry: more intuitive operation, increased mobility, efficiency and reduced response times to service request. It will be discussed on the case study of SECO/LENS – holographic glasses which connect reality of our technology with virtual Industry 4.0 world.

To solve the main causes of deformation during the heat treatment process and to create a method that controls, corrects and eliminates distortions, SECO/WARWICK has developed advanced systems for brazing, annealing, solution heat treatment, ageing, homogenisation and preheating (e.g. VertiQuench, Vortex). The main goal of that is to support the clients with a professional support system to minimise downtime and extend the equipment’s life.

Early detection of potential failures before they occur, support in making key business decision or optimal planning of downtime – these are another features that can be used thanks to Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 allows to face the new challenges for the aluminium industry. Thanks to Intelligent Maintenance, AR, or IoT in Aluminium Industry annealing, ageing, SHT and homogenisation have become much more economic and effective.

Speaker: Sławomir Wachowski, Director of Automation Department at Seco Warwick

Aluminium Processing Furnaces 4.0

Sławomir Wachowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Postgraduate Master Study of Business Administration of the L. Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw with a title of Executive MBA.

He began his work at SECO/WARWICK at the position of constructor in 1999 and since 2006 he is the SWE Electrical Plant Director. Thanks to his highly developed information analysis and synthesis skills he is able to provide effective consulting for business and propose solutions which support its efficiency. He combines knowledge and skills in the area of production management, data analysis, budgeting, internal control, supply chain development and innovations. At SECO/WARWICK he is responsible for the control system (calculation, concept, system normalization, design, programming, startup – essentially everything, including R&D for that area). In this scope he cooperates with other companies within the Group and its customers.

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