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Aluminium Rolling Prediction Models Optimisation by Large Quasi-real-time Database Process Exploration

Thursday 23rd May 13:45 - 14:00

The aluminium rolling mill process is subject to innovative technologies due to the continuous introduction of new materials and the high cardinality of the material database. In particular material prediction systems might be combined with data-exploration technologies implemented in the so-called Level 2 automation system in order to improve quality and productivity.

The exploration and analysis of large databases represents a subject of research efforts in many industries and represents a key-point in aluminium production. In this paper the case of production of flat aluminium, where advanced optimisation technologies based on rolling mathematical modelling are integrated in the automation architecture together with databases, is discussed: in particular the use of MATLAB as an offline tool for model analysis and calibration is presented. Finally, a case of study taken from a real hot-rolling aluminium production site is presented.

Speaker: Francesco Cuzzola, Director, Flat Products at Danieli Automation

Aluminium Rolling Prediction Models Optimisation by Large Quasi-real-time Database Process Exploration

Francesco A. Cuzzola received the "Laurea'' degree (Cum Laude and printing honours) in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1996 and the Ph.D. degree in Information Technology Engineering and Control Systems Technology in 2000. He was with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology as a researcher since 2002. In that year he joined Danieli&C where he is now responsible for automation solutions applied to flat metal production. He authored or co-authored more than 50 research papers in archival journals, book chapters, and international conference proceedings concerning automatic control applied in various industries.

Among several awards, he is recipient of the 2000 “Dimitris Chorafas” foundation award and co-recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Paper Award of the IFAC Journal of Process Control. Francesco A. Cuzzola is serving as an Associate Editor for the IFAC Journal Control Engineering Practice, as Vice-Chair of IFAC Technical Committee on Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing and he was Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. During his career he participated to the development, installation and commissioning of several rolling mills and processing lines all around the world for the production of flat metals.

Speaker: Dan Miller, Senior Process Consultant at Innoval Technology

Aluminium Rolling Prediction Models Optimisation by Large Quasi-real-time Database Process Exploration

Dan Miller is a senior rolling process consultant at Innoval Technology and a recognised expert in aluminium rolling with almost 40 years’ experience. In his career he has covering all stages of production, from bauxite refining to finishing.

He is a world expert in flatness control and has significant experience in control systems, cold and foil rolling, plant auditing, evaluating plant data, improving gauge performance, specifying equipment and leading advanced process improvement workshops. He also teaches in several of the sessions on Innoval’s Aluminium Rolling Technology Course.

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