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Beyond the Manufacturing Execution System, from Transactional Data to Prediction and Optimization

Thursday 3rd December 14:30 - 15:00

Are you unleashing the full potential of your Data?

Predictive Analytics Monitoring and Performance Optimization are key solutions that can help you capture more value through your data and gain insights in order to optimize your operations.

Predictive Analytics Monitoring

Through the use of predictive analytics and big data, improve the reliability and availability of critical plant equipment (crucible, furnace, reduction cell) through monitoring of key failure conditions.

Applying machine learning (AI) and advanced pattern recognition on the historical data will enable you to detect in real time and early on deviations and breakdowns, and therefore avoid costly repairs and production shutdowns.

Performance Optimization

Based on the data collected by the MES and the Historian, the solution compares at similar operating conditions, the current operational performance at a plant against its historical best. Through Machine learning (AI) , the solution uses the result of the comparison to automatically drive a plant’s performance to its highest possible achievement.

Reduce risk with data-driven decisions that will build a continuous improvement culture that will optimize operations and maximize profitability!

Speaker: Gonzalo Garcia, CEO at Alizent Americas

Beyond the Manufacturing Execution System, from Transactional Data to Prediction and Optimization

Background in creating value through Industrial IoT technologies and Data-Driven systems, with over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur (co-founded three startups, and a JV) and intrapreneur (led 3 three international organizations), which over time have IoT connected 18+ million things from industrial assets to patients at home, and have solved industry challenges in the areas of Asset Tracing & Tracking, Supply Chain Optimization, Process Automation for sectors such as Oil Gas, Food & Beverage, Pharma, New Energies, and Large International Groups. Skilled at blending European and American technologies and cultures, he has international experience in managing organizations in Europe, America and Middle East. Awarded with international recognitions and patents in the application of RFID and IoT solutions to the industry Graduated as Computer Science Engineer, completed his education in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at MIT.

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