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Blockchain Buzz

Thursday 23rd May 14:45 - 15:15

Sustainability, social responsibility and the circular economy have certainly made their mark on our industry. The mission statements of most Aluminum firms now reflect the desire to become better stewards of the earth’s finite natural resources. This focus is good for the planet and good for business.

In this session, you will hear how Blockchain technology is transforming the minerals supply chain, by tracking responsibly sourced cobalt from mines to electric cars. How a shared view of minerals transactions across trading partners can eliminate human error and costly delays. How transparency in paper recycling is allowing the forestry industry to save trees.

Deploying Blockchain is a team sport, requiring a coordinated approach across natural resources firms, manufacturers, distribution networks, financial entities and consumers. This session will share proven approaches and governance models to drive transformation across a consortium.

What does this mean for the Aluminum industry? It turns that mission statement from a futuristic aspiration to a near term reality.

Speaker: Bala Seshank, Partner at IBM, Global Metals Lead at IBM

Blockchain Buzz

Bala has over 20 years of diverse management/technology advisory & solution experience related to global business transformations in these industries.

Bala’s current client engagements are focused on Digital ReinventionTM and productivity including Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Cognitive Solutions, Automation and Blockchain. He is actively involved with the Connected Operations offering from IBM that enables the above.

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