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Collaboration, the First Step Towards Success

Wednesday 2nd December 16:30 - 17:00

Everyday enterprises juggle with 4 options: do, do not do, have it done by someone else and do together. Doing together is a fruitful collaboration that leads to success; an increasingly observable model between large businesses and SMEs.

In our experience, close collaboration exponentially accelerates wealth and promotes a fertile innovative socio-economic context. Such collaboration reaches its paroxysm when it deploys on multiple layers level, involving SMEs, large businesses, governments, research and expertise centers and technological transfer hubs. Mecfor can testify that when all are in phase, a symbiotic relationship is woven, making us all winners. The SME benefits among other resources and good management practices from the large business. In return, the latter benefits from the flexibility and daring that characterize SMEs. ‘The (SMEs) are important sources of innovation, often producing products in a very flexible way and adapted to niche markets. Without the complicity of big business, applications, discoveries and innovations would not flourish as much.‘

On the other hand, it is not always easy to put in place efficient mechanisms. For SMEs, it can be difficult to assert their skills and expertise with large business as well as establishing a relationship based on trust. For their part, large businesses can be hesitant in taking risks implementing new technologies or new way of doing compare with an SME. Not to mention that their decision-making processes are often longer. Mecfor's experience shows that it is possible, with nearby allies, to create a life-size incubator. Over the two last decades, Mecfor has been involved in many initiatives regrouping actors of Quebec aluminium sector. Today, looking back, we can confirm that The Aluminium Valley ecosystem and the spinneret ‘Aluminium’, very active in many ways promoting innovation, transfer of expertise and know-how allowing their members to meet daring objectives.

Large businesses have also realized the benefits of greater collaboration. Many of them have teams dedicated to innovation and best practices. These units are often the link between these two worlds. Governments have also measured the importance of offering dynamic support to our ever-changing environment, which is imposing more and more state-of-the-art technology.

In short, if Quebec is recognized world-wide for its capacity of producing aluminium with practices that are up to speed with the 4.0 Industry precepts, it could very well be because everyone got mobilized within a profitable collaboration scheme. This conference aims to demonstrate the importance of pooling our resources and talents in a global perspective.

Speaker: Éloïse Harvey, B. Eng. & Mgmt, President at Mecfor Inc

Collaboration, the First Step Towards Success

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