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Cyber Security Resilience Workshop

Wednesday 9th December 09:00 - 10:30

This 90-minute workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the unstructured and diverse nature of cyber threats/attacks in the aluminium sector, their potential impact in terms of costs and reputational damage to the industry, and the need for new approaches to manage the digital risks.

With a backdrop of the current cyber security landscape for the industry and using examples of its real-life cyber threats, participants will collaboratively develop a strategy to deal with the technology, organisational, legal and knowledge dimensions of cyber resilience.

Particular emphasis will be put on the sector’s requirements for effective preparation, identification, prevention, containment, eradication and recovery from cyber attacks, as well as the lessons to be learned by the industry on how to maintain its business operations and legal obligations while dealing with a cyber-incident.

Speaker: Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security Management at Centre of Business in Society at Coventry University

Cyber Security Resilience Workshop

Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez is an expert in cyber security and knowledge & information risk management, Associate Professor in Cyber Security Management at Coventry University (UK) and Visiting Research Scholar at Georgetown University (USA). His original background in Computer Science was complemented by a PhD in Information Systems from Cranfield University, enabling a socio-technical approach to information systems practice and research. Through collaborations with key industry players from critical infrastructure sectors including the Aluminium industry, Alexeis has developed a management-led perspective of cybersecurity that combines people, processes and technologies to enhance the digital resilience of businesses and society.

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