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Thursday 23rd May 12:00 - 12:30

The Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats for the Aluminium Sector

The aluminium supply chain is being transformed by developments in digital technologies. Increased connectivity and computing power in ever-smaller mobile devices are paving the way not only for smarter products and services, but also for smarter manufacturing. Entire value chains are now digitally connected; data is shared during the various stages of the product and process engineering lifecycles, as well as during the manufacturing execution. However, as aluminium manufacture dives into the Industry 4.0 arena new challenges emerge, often derived from the security of the data, information and knowledge driving the sector.

From his experience supporting business in Cyber Security Management initiatives, Alexeis will introduce the principles of cyber resilience and their implications for the Aluminium sector. Emphasis will be made on the role of the Management Board in managing operational risks resulting from cyber threats, and the efforts of the sector to continuously operate despite an adverse cyber event.

Speaker: Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Reader in Cyber Security Management at Centre of Business in Society of Coventry University (UK)

Cyber Security Workshop: Achieving Cyber Resilience


Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez is a Reader in Cyber Security Management at the Centre for Business in Society of Coventry University (UK) and a Visiting Research Scholar at Georgetown University (USA). A socio-technical understanding of information systems has enabled Alexeis to focus on the wider challenges of data, information and knowledge management in organisations and society.

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