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Dynamic control for carbon neutral industries

Thursday 2nd December 09:30 - 10:00

The transition from fossil fuel to renewables will replace our continuous electricity generation system with a variable generation system. This will challenge the aluminium industry, which is currently reliant on cheap, constant electricity. Through their work across multiple heavy industries, EnergyFlex have proven the existence of latent operational flexibility. They have demonstrated operational digital twins, that can provide safe and confident access to that flexibility. This process can transform electricity use from cost to revenue, while supporting the grid and reducing emissions.

Speaker: Craig Phasey, Solutions at EnergyFlex

Dynamic control for carbon neutral industries

Craig Phasey believes that industry holds the solution to the energy/environment challenge. He uses his diverse background, from physics to national intelligence, to find flexible industrial control solutions where tradition says they cannot exist. In energy, control enables flexibility, and flexibility is value.

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