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EGA road map for Industry 4.0

Wednesday 22nd May 16:40 - 17:00

EGA vision for the Smelter of the Future is to deliver the most cost-competitive quality aluminum globally through Industry 4.0 solutions. This will make EGA world class, technology-advanced, innovation-driven and safe company. Objectives of Industry 4.0 program are: OPEX savings of up to 5 %, CAPEX reduction of 10 % and safe working environment with zero accidents. Enablers of Smelter of the Future through Industry 4.0 will be: Smart automation and robotics, real-time data driven plant connectivity, autonomous transport (anodes and metal crucibles), autonomous operations (automated anode change and anode rodding), predictive maintenance and digital engineering.

These technology changes will be accompanied by cooperative empowering of people through training, communication and recruitment of specialists. EGA has prepared an Industry 4.0 Roadmap until 2025, which will be presented at this forum. By 2025, the CAPEX for implementing these initiatives will break-even and the financial benefits will generate millions of USD per year

Speaker: Abdalla Al Zarooni, Vice President, Technology Development & Transfer at Emirates Global Aluminium

EGA road map for Industry - ICSOBA

Abdalla Alzarooni holds a Bachelor’s degree from United Arab Emirates University and a Master’s degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He joined Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) in 2001 and is currently Vice President, Technology Development and Transfer. He has been involved in the development of all EGA reduction technologies and their industrial implementations, including the recent DX+ Ultra Technology transfer to ALBA Pot line 6. He also manages EGA Bauxite Residue R&D program, EGA Centre of Excellence for research activities in collaboration with universities and leads EGA’s Industry 4.0 program.

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