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Thursday 2nd December 13:15 - 13:45

In-Furnace Cameras remove the need to open the Furnace door to check on the Melt status, keeping Operators safe and increasing productivity. Image processing allows intelligent decisions to be made and actions taken. Laser Bath Height Measurement systems eliminate short length rejections in billets and ensure liquid heels can be determined accurately leading to more first time on-spec alloying practices.

Speaker: Mark Bumford, Sales Director at Ria Casthouse

Enhanced Cast House Operations and Safety using In-Furnace Cameras and Laser Bath Height Measurement Systems

Mark has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and first entered the Aluminium Industry in 1987 when he joined the British Rolling Mill Builder, Davy McKee (Poole) Ltd. In 2010, Mark made the switch from Flat Rolled Products to Cast House when he joined ALTEK, selling Dross Presses and Electromagnetic Stirrers for the next 10 years. In 2020 Mark became Sales Director of RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH and is responsible for the sales of fully Automated/Autonomous Rail Mounted Precision Charging and Skimming Machines throughout EMEA and Asia.

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