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How to Succeed In Digital Transformation

Thursday 3rd December 17:00 - 17:30

Aluminium Production Operations have been significantly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are now looking at new ways to manage their daily operations while keeping their people safe. With emerging technologies such as autonomous operations using analytics and artificial intelligence and the use of digital twins and cloud technology, we are now entering a new age of digital transformation.

Most companies have already started their digital transformation journey years ago to empower their employees with real-time operational data and there is a huge scale of benefits across the value chain in using this as an enabler. Now how can we get to the next steps and succeed in leveraging the full potential of real-time operational data and implementing those emerging technologies without compromising critical operations? In this presentation, we will discuss the main steps to getting digital transformation maturity and the important aspects to take into consideration with those new technologies. We will also look at some case studies of companies that have succeeded in their Journey and introduce the concept of Digital Engineering that will help prepare organisations for the future.

Speaker: Martin Provencher, Industry Principal - Mining Metals and Materials at OSIsoft Ltd

How to Succeed In Digital Transformation

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