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Internet of Metals: Making Aluminium Intelligent

Wednesday 2nd December 12:15 - 13:00

The aluminium value chain is marketed globally. Producers and transformers are spread around the world. Data and logistic networks become more and more important in international cooperation. Metal products are derived from a variety of raw material sources. They are transformed and reshaped to their final use across various process steps. Data on material, the production processes, quality and environmental impacts is generated along the entire production chain. These parameters define the properties of a metal product like a sheet, a plate or a profile. Usually, the metal product does not come with this kind of “DNA”/information history. With the revolutionary technology, developed by the start-up company coilDNA the Internet of Metals (IoM) now becomes reality. This new technology provides transformers of metal products (e.g. automotive producers, metal forming or machine shops) with information on the input material from the producer or upstream suppliers.

The data set might contain information on:

  • The material, its properties and environmental aspects,
  • The delivery lot (e.g. the coil) and especially
  • Specific data assigned to the individual position of the single piece in a lot (e.g. actual thickness at position) considering all intermediate process steps (cutting, slitting, ...) of the pre-material.

Speaker: Werner Aumayr, Managing Director at coilDNA GmbH

Internet of Metals: Making Aluminium Intelligent

Werner AUMAYR received a PhD in mathematics from the Technical University in Vienna. He has spent most of his professional life in process industries in various consultancy, marketing and IT positions. He entered the Aluminium world 2007 by joining the largest Austrian Aluminium producer AMAG where he has been CIO and responsible for all digital activities. Responding mainly to automotive and aircraft customer requirements he invented a new technology to accomplish the vision of the Internet of Metals – a unique way to make metal products intelligent along their process and logistics routes. In 2019 he became the managing director of the newly founded start-up coilDNA to commercialize this vision.

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