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Is Southern Africa Ready for Digital Transformation?

Wednesday 2nd December 14:30 - 15:00

The South African Aluminium industry is one of the industrial pillars of the South African economy. Along with the economic impact and contribution to the fiscus, the industry generates significant foreign exchange revenues and provides an estimated 11 000 employees in the sector with jobs.

We have Primary Aluminium, which also consists of Value-Added Products (VAP), Secondary Aluminium, which is the main feedstock to the Aluminium foundries, Foundries and Castings industry, Extrusions and lastly the Downstream Aluminium industry. Studies undertaken in 2016 of the Aluminium industry and its growth showed real potential to double. The industry has focused on its competitiveness, cost control, investment in plant, equipment, and innovation, but only to a point. With the advancements in technology now, they have to do more to be well positioned to benefit from the forecast growth in demand for aluminium products both locally and internationally while staying competitive. Transformation is vital for the long-term sustainability of the industry.

In the presentation we will look at the Aluminium Industry in Southern Africa to see:

  • How it can move itself forward using technology
  • The challenges faced by the industry
  • The constraints of investment and how COVID-19 has impacted the industry
  • How we as technology providers can best serve the industry
  • How working together and creating synergies will be a Win for everyone

Speaker: Gus Allan, Director at GNV Enterprises

Is Southern Africa Ready for Digital Transformation?

Gus Allan is the Director at GNV Enterprises, a technology and innovation company in South Africa which helps businesses adopt new technologies which makes their businesses more efficient and stay competitive. He has partnered with a few technology-based businesses in Canada and France which focus on the Aluminium and Mining Industries.

Prior to devoting his full-time attention to GNV Enterprises, Gus spent 12 years working at BHP Billiton Aluminium SA where he held various positions. He brings along a wealth of experience from working in the smelter which compliments his current role at GNV Enterprises.

Gus has worked with Smelters and foundries in Southern Africa on various projects, some of which include optimization projects which assist businesses to remain with the cost curve and achieve their maximum technical capability. Gus understands that his customers are the most valuable asset to his business and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of delivering on his customer needs. GNV Enterprises has coverage on Primary and Secondary Aluminium Smelters and Foundries in Southern Africa. Gus knows what truly drives the market in Southern Africa – and it’s not mastering the market flavour of the week; it’s how well you connect and communicate with people.

Gus holds qualifications in Electrical, Supply Chain Management and Business Management.

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