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Logistics: From Pilot to Everyday

Wednesday 9th December 11:00 - 12:00

Are AGV’s ready for industry? This is one question that will be asked in this session. As with any technology introduced into an existing environment, the use of AGV’s has its challenges…

Rio Tinto Vision – Part I: AGV and the Future of Logistics
Stéphane Prodent, Rio Tinto, Project Director, Rio Tinto

The Difference Between Automatic Guided Vehicles and Automatic Vehicles for AL Industry
Maarten Meijer, Sales Manager, GLAMA

Internet of Metal - Global Digital Product Data Tracking with coilDNA
Werner Aumayr, Managing Director, coilDNA GmbH

Speaker: Werner Aumayr, Managing Director at coilDNA GmbH

Logistics: From Pilot to Everyday

Werner AUMAYR received a PhD in mathematics from the Technical University in Vienna. He has spent most of his professional life in process industries in various consultancy, marketing and IT positions. He entered the Aluminium world 2007 by joining the largest Austrian Aluminium producer AMAG where he has been CIO and responsible for all digital activities. Responding mainly to automotive and aircraft customer requirements he invented a new technology to accomplish the vision of the Internet of Metals – a unique way to make metal products intelligent along their process and logistics routes. In 2019 he became the managing director of the newly founded start-up coilDNA to commercialize this vision.

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