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Low Carbon Footprint: A Game Changer for the Aluminium Industry

Thursday 3rd December 11:00 - 11:30

Aluminium is a key building block of the new green POST COVID economic recovery.

Customers have increased their scrutiny towards the full spectrum of environmental, social, and governance aspects of the aluminium supply chain. Among these aspects, climate action is the most urgent priority.

Driven by regulators, users, and society at large, aluminium producers are developing ambitious decarbonization strategies and committing to greenhouse gas reduction pathways to 2030 and beyond.

There are several key avenues aluminium producers pursue in order to meet the increasingly stringent decarbonization targets: increased energy efficiency and share of renewable energy; recycling; development of breakthrough technologies, such as inert anodes, carbon capture and storage, and other ways of neutralizing carbon footprint of aluminium production:

- Energy accounts for up to 60% of carbon footprint in the production of primary aluminium, and more efficient and less-emitting technologies have the great potential to curb energy-related emissions. Use of carbon-free sources of power, such as hydro, wind, and solar, can also contribute significantly to reducing carbon footprint.

- Secondary aluminium only requires around 5% of energy required for production of primary aluminium. Producers increasingly invest in recycling and related collection, sorting, remelt capacities.

- Breakthrough technologies are key to success in reducing the aluminium’s carbon footprint. Inert anodes is in pilot testing stage and other solutions are developed by a number of forward-looking producers or aluminium worldwide.

Low carbon footprint is becoming a game changer for the hard-to-abate aluminium industry. It requires investment and industry-wide partnerships to secure the future of ‘green’ aluminium as an enabler of more sustainable economic development worldwide.

Speaker: Jerome Lucaes, Marketing and Sustainability Director at UC Rusal

Low Carbon Footprint: A Game Changer for the Aluminium Industry


Jerome is currently Marketing and Sustainability Director at RUSAL. In his role, Jerome is working with the customers and the supply-chain to develop the market of LOW CARBON ALUMINIUM.

He also actively shapes the future of the industry sustainability profile through engagement in collaborative initiatives such as the ASI.

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