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Pretium Plant Optimizer Application

Wednesday 22nd May 14:55 - 15:15

A digital closed-loop optimizer solution is introduced for the operation of different types of processing plants. The optimization is based on Outotec`s overall process understanding as well as equipment know how. A complementary online simulation model, a virtual plant (VP), was developed, building on installed base and operational experience. It offers a prediction of process parameters over a wide operational range and allows a comparison to plant measurements in real time. The VP is used to improve the performance of advanced process control and optimization algorithms.

Today, several plants are operated with Pretium Optimizer solutions. The references show a narrowed process operation as well as an improved stability of the plants. Especially in transient operational states, the digital solution simplifies the operation and offers a better repeatability compared to classic plant operation. Furthermore, significant improvements in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are measured. As a generic set of KPIs, Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) or total effective equipment performance (TEEP) are a good basis to evaluate improvements. However, they do not measure the efficient use of energy, raw materials nor utility. Therefore Outotec introduced a factor called Perficiency – Plant Performance Efficiency, which offers a good base for the overall evaluation of the operation of a process plant.

Speaker: Michael Missalla, VP New Business Opportunities at Outotec

Pretium Plant Optimizer Application - ICSOBA

Currently Vice President New Business Opportunities focusing on implementing and commercialising digital solutions.

Previously Vice President Products and Technologies, Vice President Product Management as a well as Vice President Light Metals and Fluidized Beds at Outotec.

PhD on developing a mathematical model for calculation of highly loaded cyclones.

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