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Selecting & Substituting Materials in the Digital Age

Wednesday 22nd May 11:45 - 12:00

Selecting and Substituting Materials in the Digital Age

Digital information & communication technology are general purpose technologies that are transforming the entire economy. The fourth industrial revolution is leading to increased automation and exchange of data in manufacturing technologies in all sectors. But what about material selection? Evaluating materials and searching for new options for projects is known to be a time-consuming process. The vast majority of designers stick with the conventional material selection from the past for the sake of ease and engineers hesitate to discover new alternatives due to potentially unreliable data and challenges with sourcing.

Equally in a traditional, conservative materials industry, manufacturers struggle to reach new potential customers and communicate the particularities of their specific products. How will digital technology change the materials industry? Can material producers and sellers afford to ignore the winds of change and the power of the internet? How can they generate and cultivate an online presence and protect their direct business from the threat of flourishing marketplaces? Do they have the necessary skills in-house to really wield the power of digital marketing to their advantage on a global stage?

What if there was a tool available that successfully facilitated the connection between engineers and material suppliers? Matmatch has a vision of how digital technology can carry the materials industry to the next stage. Find out more about our state-of-the-art platform with an advanced database structure that employs smart search algorithms and data prediction to find the best materials for various use cases and recommend other similar materials.

Speaker: Melissa Albeck, CEO at Matmatch GmbH

Selecting & Substituting Materials in the Digital Age

Melissa Albeck was appointed CEO of Matmatch GmbH when the new company was founded in 2017.

She started working for Plansee in Austria in 1994 in marketing. From 1997 she spent 10 years in sales in the USA for Plansee building up business in several new sectors before being appointed General Manager of Plansee UK in 2007. In 2012 she joined an affiliated company WNT in Germany and spent 5 years in company development founding daughter companies in India and China. She was the General Manager of WNT China. Melissa Albeck holds a business degree from Aston University in the UK.

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