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Reveal Treasure with Digital Twins

Wednesday 22nd May 09:35 - 09:55

Imagine there is an IT-system with a central data base that is a complete reflection of your production. Every single movement in production would be available immediately in the system and planning for example could react on it. Also Quality Management would have access to all production related data. This is possible with a digital twin of your plant. You would be much faster reacting on the actual situation or even could predict the future by analysing the past.

Further, you have many concepts how to improve your business. But realization might be difficult because of budgetary reasons and mainly the potential risks you are facing. You know all the questions to be answered concerning feasibility and you know how much they restrain your vision.

A digital twin and its siblings respectively will answer your questions. To simplify it, you create a clone of the reality by copying your IT systems. This clone “lives” in the cloud. To fill this digital twin with live you feed it with the same data and input as the reality. Messages and data that are sent to the “real world” software systems are just sent to the digital twin too. Now you have 2 systems looking the same – just like twins of the real world.

Now you can start “playing” by adapting the digital twin according your plans and ideas. Your real system will continue working unchanged while at the same time the digital twin simulates different scenarios. This gives you the possibility to compare the as-is situation with your ideas and concepts for to-be solutions.

Using standards will support this undertake very much due to the fact that functions in terms of software services can be exchanged and combined easily. And this is not the only reason why standards are an essential part of industry 4.0 and digital twins. With the process context of a state-of-the-art PMS based on standards with digital twins, digitization can unfold its full potential and reveal treasures in terms of efficiency and quality.

Speaker: Gunther Schober, Sales Manager at PSI Metals, Non Ferrous GmbH

Reveal Treasure with Digital Twins

Gunther Schober, born November 21, 1970 in Leoben, Austria graduated in 1994 as Metallurgical Engineer with focus on industrial and energy economics at the Mining University of Leoben.

After his first experience as sales engineer and sales manager he took over management responsibility as head of sales & marketing for AVL DiTEST an international automotive company. 2007 he joined PSI Metals. As Senior Consultant, Project Manager and Sales Manager his expertise in metals and international experience in process development and Supply Chain Management is much sought-after.

With more than 10 years of experience in the area of Production Management Solutions comprising Supply Chain Management and Planning, Product Design, Quality Management, Production Execution and Logistics he became an acknowledged cognoscente in these fields. PSI Metals known as a very innovative company became metals industries’ partner for Industry 4.0.

Gunther Schober’s expertise together with the innovative approach of PSI metals make him a demanded contact for future solutions.

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