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Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant and Machine Learning in the Aluminium Sector, Hassle Free and Easy to Implement: A Case Example

Thursday 23rd May 10:00 - 10:15

Current state of art is mostly looking back in time (‘what happened’) with BI tools or based on gut feel to perform limited & basic analytics – despite more and more manufacturing data becoming available. Trends such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 should enable manufactures to get insights quickly, generate forecasts and get insightful predictive feedback to improve product quality and production processes. In this presentation Mart will use a case example to explain how a Smart Industry Assistant (SIA) helps manufactures to achieve improvements and costs savings.

*SIA is an universal data extraction, -analysis and -feedback solution which allows different users such as machine operators, quality engineers & management to timely act to improve product quality & sustainability.

Speaker: Mart Althuizen, Data Scientist at Bright Cape

Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant and Machine Learning in the Aluminium Sector

Mart Althuizen started in 2016 as Data Scientist at Bright Cape with a background in Operations Management and Logistics. As Data Scientist he implemented several data solutions at various multinationals, mainly related to quality control and smart maintenance. Since 2018 Mart is next to his role as Data Scientist, product owner of SIA (Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant)

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