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Smelter of the Future

Tuesday 8th December 10:45 - 11:45

ICSOBA Panel Discussion on Asset Management in the Smelter of the Future

Unprecedented development on digitalisation and data processing create a great opportunity for the manufacturing industry to increase its profitability. As a process industry, Aluminium smelting is also following the trend, taking advantage of the marvellous capabilities of the information technology in all aspects of the production chain, progressing towards the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. This panel focuses on the asset management aspect in the Smelter of the Future. The challenges and the opportunities related to asset management, while moving towards smart smelters, will be discussed.

Depending on the industry, asset management and maintenance could count for up to 60 % of the total operation cost. How the smelter of the future will deal with this aspect? How the digitalisation will help the industry to better manage the asset and to increase its profitability? Can the artificial intelligence help predictive maintenance to reduce unexpected failure and production interruption? What are the obstacles for the implementation of the new technologies? … These are the questions that our elite panelists will try to clarify, while sharing with the audience their vision about the Smelter of the Future. The panel is composed of highly technical people from both aluminium production industry and the technology providers.

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