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The AI Revolution: Are you ready?

Tuesday 8th December 14:45 - 15:30

AI technologies have already proven their worth to metal producers, and most have already included AI in their transformation roadmaps. Yet, the majority of them still struggle with proving specific, measurable economic value of their AI solutions, and deploying them at scale. This session will build upon recent cases in the aluminium industry.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Aluminium Industry
Patrice Cote, Principal Advisor Data Science, Rio Tinto

AI in aluminium: Show me the Money
Alexander Khaytin, CEO, Mechanica AI

Speaker: Patrice Côté, Principal Advisor Data Science at Rio Tinto

The AI Revolution: Are you ready?

Patrice Côté is Senior Advisor, Data Science within the Rio Tinto Aluminium Technology group. He has held various positions within Rio Tinto since 1998 - from Reduction Technical Expert in 4 smelters to R&D Program Manager. Over the course of his career, his passion and skills in the field of data analysis have led him to develop many predictive models and he has become a reference in this field. In 2018, he decided to take this passion further by studying the fields of Big Data and data science. In his current role, Patrice develops data science capacities within RTA Technology and is involved in all stages of the projects, from the idea generation to the industrialisation of predictive models. He has recently co-authored 3 papers on the subject, one of which has just won the TMS Light Metals Award.

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