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The Difference Between Automatic Guided Vehicles and Automatic Vehicles for AL Industry

Thursday 3rd December 12:30 - 13:00

Are AGV’s ready for industry?

In 2016 Primary Aluminium Production reached a turn point in the use of AGV technology. While since 2008 it was a subject that often was discussed in conferences as the logical next step towards improved efficiency. In 2016 industry started to put theory into practice, with first experiments in potline environments. As with any technology introduced in an existing environment also the use of AGV’s has its challenges. As Glama we carefully analysed the challenges and realised in time that most of the available technology would be slow and reducing flexibility. Apart from that it would challenge our clients in developing order lines that in detail described what an AGV would need to do. Now at the moment that all industry research the true benefits of AGV’s, Glama comes with their development and will present the AV in a presentation as answer to the need of industry for a flexible easy to use solution that do not require more than where to pick the goods up and where to deliver them. We look forward to welcome you on the Future Aluminium Forum 2020 and show you our progress in Industry.

Speaker: Maarten Meijer, Sales Manager at GLAMA Maschinenbau

The Difference Between Automatic Guided Vehicles and Automatic Vehicles for AL Industry

Maarten Meijer is responsible for Glama material handling solutions for the global light metal industry. In this role, he looks closely at all aspects of how primary light metal industry can transform from mechanized discrete material handling and human decision making into a just in time material handling system that fully supports the Hall Hérault process parameters.

He is in frequent discussions with leading light metal companies, user groups and technology implementation partners on industry 4.0 concepts for light metal industry. It is his believe that in the next years to come light metal industry will benefit most from smart robots.

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