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The Future of the Electricity Generation

Thursday 23rd May 09:00 - 09:30

Electricity, the second largest cost input into making aluminium, is currently undergoing one of the fastest and most unprecedented transformations in history.

Geoff Matthews, Future Aluminium Forum Advisory Board Member, says understanding the changes ahead is mission critical to aluminium smelting. “If alumina (the other major cost input into making aluminium), was undergoing the type of structural change we are experiencing in power generation, then I’m sure the aluminum industry would be having monthly crisis meetings about it.”

So why aren’t we more concerned, and should we be? Can all of what we read about be believed? Will these changes even effect primary aluminium production?

Geoff Matthews’ briefing on the Future of Electricity Generation will try and cut-through the conjecture, look at the changes in real time and what they indicate for the future.

Speaker: Geoff Matthews, Vice President at Energia Potior

The Future of the Electricity Generation

Geoff Matthews was appointed Vice President of Energia Potior Ltd, in July 2015, with the responsibility of commercialising the patented EnPot technology.

In his current role for Energia Potior, Geoff is immersed in the world of aluminium smelting with a particular focus on sustainability issues, and how flexible operating scenarios can change the financial outlook for smelters.

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