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Plant Optimization, Data & Analytics: Realities and Challenges

Thursday 3rd December 13:30 - 14:00

As key Technology innovations continue to have significant influence in all industries, the race to participate can often impact thorough analysis and planning. In the absence of proper analysis, value propositions become highly affected by individual perceptions, ranging from “must-have” to “wait and see”. As the demand and interest for innovations grow, both users and implementers are rushing to evaluate what products are needed and how they will be used to keep pace with best practices. Despite the hype, the reality remains that all investments in new tools and new technology require thoughtful analysis to ensure the justifiable implementation is not just an illusion but a reality.

This presentation gives some food for thought with respect to the utilization of the latest tools available that serve to elevate our understanding of the current operations while providing insight to where further value may be extracted when developing a business case for increased asset optimization.

Speaker: Paul Merlin, Vice President Sales & Business Development at Outotec

Plant Optimization, Data & Analytics: Realities and Challenges

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