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Society is Pushing the Aluminium Industry to Go Green and Digital

Thursday 3rd December 15:30 - 16:00

A tectonic shift on the importance of sustainability has occurred in the minds of aluminium industry stakeholders including consumers, employees and shareholders. These societal drivers are pushing all participants to consider ways to be more sustainable and purpose-driven. Digital technologies are increasingly being seen as crucial to help companies not only become more efficient and agile – but to help them embrace the next generation of aluminium business.

This session will discuss key aspects of how digital technology is helping aluminium companies work outside their boundaries and even across industries to drive sustainability and the circular economy.

Topics addressed:

  • Track and trace materials to identify location, quantity, quality and value to determine the most efficient and profitable way to re-use, retrofit or recycle
  • Reinvent business by using digital technologies and data from multiple sources
  • Improve customer and supplier relationships and address stakeholder demands for a more purpose driven approach to business
  • Minimize the business CO2 footprint by making environmental impact a key criteria for pricing, sourcing, transportation or use of recycled / raw materials
  • Create new business models that support a sharing or circular economy

Speaker: Stefan Koch, Global Leads for Metals at SAP

Society is Pushing the Aluminium Industry to Go Green and Digital

Stefan Koch is responsible for SAP solutions for the metal industry globally. In this role, he looks closely at all aspects of how technology can be applied to drive efficiency, innovation and growth across the metals industry. 

He is in frequent discussions with leading metals companies, industry user groups, technology implementation partners and independent software vendors. Presently Stefan is guiding a number of ongoing discussion with metals companies on how to drive Digital Transformation in Metals and to identify the role of  Industry 4.0 and IoT in this context. 

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