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4.0 Technologies for Potlining

Thursday 3rd December 13:00 - 13:30

The potlining process of the aluminium smelters implies various resources (such as the tools, equipment, materials, etc.) and is performed within a dynamic working environment. Thus, 4.0 systems used in these operations must be flexible, in order to efficiently adapt to the process.

The one technology that determine the flexibility of these systems, is the data acquisition technology. Indeed, a complex or partial data acquisition system can impact the analysis and the interactivity of the data. Therefore, more advanced technologies that uses the collected data, may not be profitable.

Current development of technologies has opened opportunities for advanced 4.0 systems, including a data acquisition system designed for the potlining process. The developed system offers possibilities to improve health and safety, productivity, quality and reproducibility as well as the usage of the equipment parts to optimise the maintenance.

Speaker: Hugo Paiement, Control System Engineer at Equibras

4.0 Technologies for Potlining

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