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Towards a Digital and Real-time Supply Chain

Wednesday 22nd May 11:30 - 11:45

Supply chain management and visibility in the Aluminium Industry is overdue for a technological overhaul. Smart smelter and smart(er) supply chains is on the agenda on most industry conferences these days, but the industry still relies largely on spreadsheets and a de-centralized way of planning, sourcing and managing logistics.

Spreadsheets are powerful and versatile tools, but they are not cut-out for real-time decision making. Planning and managing a company's global shipping and raw material requirements is a major task with costly implications. The digital supply chain should give complete, end-to-end visibility, allowing all stakeholders to take early preventive action and reduce total logistics costs from fuel, freight, demurrage and storage.

Speaker: Simon Sebergsen, Head of Sales & Marketing at Klaveness Digital

Towards a Digital and Real-time Supply Chain

Simon Sebergsen is Head of Sales and Marketing in Klaveness Digital, a Norwegian technology company spun off from Torvald Klaveness in 2017. He is leading a growing sales and marketing team dedicated to helping companies make better decisions using CargoValue – an intelligent logistics platform for companies sourcing and shipping raw materials by sea.

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