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Use of digital twins in optimization of aluminium production

Wednesday 22nd May 16:00 - 16:20

A digital twin is a numerical/digital simulation model of a physical process. Digital twins are becoming increasingly popular as a tool to optimize production and can be developed for a wide range of production processes like individual machinery, electrolysis cells or complete plants and value chains. In Hydro the digital twins are based on 3 main elements: (i) physics-based models, (ii) advanced sensors/measurement systems and (iii) advanced analytics. The advantage of having a scientific basis as the core of the model is its ability to predict behaviour outside the day-to-day operational window of the process. In this presentation an update will be given on the progress of Hydro’s digital twins for electrolysis and the extrusion value chain, respectively. Experience so far is that the digital twin gives very valuable support to operational decisions and reduces the need for manual intervention when being used to control production processes.

Speaker: Hans Erik Vatne, Chief Technology Officer at Norsk Hydro

Use of digital twins - ICSOBA

Chief Technology Officer in Hydro and heads Hydro’s Corporate Technology Office. He holds a Master degree in Physics and a PhD in Metallurgy, both from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway. He has more than 20 years of experience within the aluminium industry in Hydro, holding positions in R&D, rolling operations (a.o. plant manager at Holmestrand Rolling Mill, Norway), Head of Business Unit Remelters and lately Chief Technology Officer.

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